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    Engineering Reimagined, Aurecon podcast
    Aurecon's podcast: Engineering Reimagined

    Engineering Reimagined Podcast: Latest episode

    Episode 31: Sustainability strategy with Atlassian

    Paul Gleeson & Jessica Hyman | 17 June 2021 | 28:37

    We’ve entered a transformational decade for addressing climate change where more than 60 per cent of countries and almost every developed economy has committed to some form of ‘net zero’ carbon emissions goal. COVID-19 has also meant that some targets have been met in record time and others which were thought to be impossible, such as reducing emissions through air travel, are now within reach.

    Aurecon’s Managing Director Energy, Resources & Water, Paul Gleeson, talks to Atlassian’s Head of Sustainability, Jessica Hyman, about the role of corporate sustainability, the importance of science-based targets and why progress matters more than perfection when it comes to climate action.

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    16 June 2021
    Season 3 Episode 31

    Season 1: What we've learned - Aurecon podcast

    About Engineering Reimagined


    Throughout history, engineers have been leaders in inventing and creating some of society’s most ground-breaking developments. Just think of the Egyptian pyramids, Roman viaducts, the aeroplane, skyscrapers – the list is endless!

    But what role do engineers play today, and what does the future hold?

    Welcome to Engineering Reimagined. In this podcast series we will explore how, like engineers, people from all walks of life are reimagining the future and their leadership roles in it.

    Technology is disrupting our world at a faster rate than any other change in our history. To meaningfully contribute, and to continue to lead society in some of its greatest advancements, engineering needs to be reimagined. Humanity still depends on engineering to help solve the wicked problems our world faces. Not only can engineers make things ‘work’; they can use smart thinking, combined with digital technologies, and a focus on human-centred outcomes to co-create a future in which communities and individuals can thrive.

    Each episode will feature an interviewer speaking to a different guest. What can we learn from their compelling and inspiring stories to help us reimagine engineering, to lead the world to a better future?

    Meet podcast narrator, Maria Rampa

    Former journalist Maria Rampa joins us as the Season 2 host for Engineering Reimagined.

    Commencing her career in print and broadcast media in the UK, Maria moved to her native Australia in the early 1990s and a professional life in public relations and marketing.

    Her communications skills and experience have been the ideal foundation for a successful career in professional services and B2B marketing, with her love of broadcasting now being indulged in her new podcast host role. 

    Read Maria’s blog: What will happen to reading as listening rises?

    Maria Rampa, Aurecon Podcast Narrator

    Enjoying our podcast?

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    Contact us if you would like to get involved.

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    Just Imagine: what lies at the heart of a sustainable future? is an anthology of Aurecon blogs about climate change and sustainability, viewed through the lens of L Frank Baum’s classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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